CMS PC Client


The software is a powerful control software, distributed architecture, set multi-window, multi-user, multi-language, voice intercom, video conferencing, grading electronic maps, alarm center, compatibility with other expansion products, stand-alone equipment monitoring system directly connected and other functions as one. The software has an electronic map function, user-friendly, simple operation, easy to set permissions. This software is for connecting a plurality of different types or models of equipment (such as DVR, DVS, etc.)
Tip: CMS now supports H265, software can ask for the technology.

Instruction manual >>>> CMS Instruction.pdf
Software download >>>> Download link

Mobile Monitor Client


This software can be applied to cloud mode and domain name access equipment; new direct connection mode and routing configuration mode.

Instruction manual >>>> xmeye

Android phone

>>>>  App Store searchxmeye”, download can be installed
>>>>  The following two-dimensional code scanning installation

>>>>  App Store searchxmeye”, download can be installed

>>>>  The above two-dimensional code scanning installation